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Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy, utilizing the creative process of art-making to enhance a person’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Art therapy combines the creation of art and psychotherapeutic foundations to facilitate self-exploration, discovery and understanding.

Art is a tool for communication, self-examination and healing. Using imagery, colour and shape as part of this creative therapeutic process, thoughts and feelings can be expressed that would otherwise be difficult to convey verbally.

Art therapy is effective for people of any age. Art therapy can help in managing feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Art therapy can be used to explore issues of relationships, family, loss, life transitions, abuse, development and more. Treatment plans are tailored towards the individual’s presenting concerns and goals.

Artistic talent is not required, only a willingness and curiosity to use art materials in an exploratory way!

Some benefits of participating in art therapy include:

Emotional Regulation

Build Self-Esteem

Discover Strengths

Increase Self-Awareness

Shift Harmful Behaviours

Learn Coping Strategies

Strengthen Relationships

Understand emotions

Develop Problem-Solving Skills

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